Mixed messages (Project 2; exercise 1)

project 2 exercise 1

Enjoy your stay

The message is clear enough but the use of the font is interesting. It suggests that a visitor is staying in something of historical value or note, such as a castle, stately house, etc. It suggests, therefore, that it is the age, and/or age-related stature, that has attracted the visitor to staying at this place. This font would be out of place in a modern boutique hotel for instance.

Do not feed…

In this case the font has been chosen for clarity. More importantly, however, is the use of upper-case. It is being made clear that this is both a command and a warning.

We are professionals

This is quite a fascinating message. It has the look and feel of an old typewriter font, which suggests that the author wants the reader to feel that they are dealing with old-style ‘professionals’. It could however, present the wrong impression if used by an organisation that wants to project modernity, such as a young tech company for example.


Aesthetics are, of course, personal. This font does not impart luxury to me. There is possibly a sense of being modern, different even, but l don’t find anything luxurious about the font which undermines the message.

hand made

I consider this to be a rather subtle message. The choice to ignore the convention of using a starting capital letter, suggests that the item is different, unconventional maybe but certainly not mass-produced.



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