The next big thing (Project 4: Exercise 1)


I have chosen the advertisement below as my example of “new”.

6bbe31b77c246cd425773732d52e10a9 black and blaze
Fig. 1. Black & Blaze 2014

My list of the characteristics that give this advertisement such a contemporary feel is as follows:

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Join the Navy (Project 3: Exercise 2)

join the navy

The Image

The image is reproduced again below but in higher definition.

The distinctive feature of Babcock’s image is the sailor’s pose. He is in effect, riding the torpedo. The image reminds me of a rodeo rider. Figure 2, above, illustrates such a rider (Chet Johnson). The similarity of the poses are clear to see.

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What does this apple mean? (Project 3: Exercise 1)

I suspect that for most British people of my age, the first meaning assigned to an apple is the christian one of temptation and sin. This is beautifully illustrated by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; please refer to figure 1 below.

Fig. 1, Michelangelo “The Downfall of Adam and eve and their expulsion from The Garden of Eden” (1509)

This is not, however, the only christian symbolism assigned to the apple. In figure 2 below, the infant Christ holds an apple as a symbol that he will not be tempted by sin; a sign that Jesus has come to conquer evil.

Fig. 2. Cranach the Elder, L. “The Virgin and Child under an Apple Tree” (1530s)


This apple ambiguity can be seen in other forms of symbolism. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but when snow white succumbed to the offer of an apple she fell into a long sleep.

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Film Poster – Nocturnal Animals (Project 2: Exercise 3)

nocturnal animals (2)
Fig. 1. Nocturnal Animals

project 2 exercise 3


I chose this particular poster for two reasons:

  • I have seen the film and thought it was excellent
  • This poster was produced after it won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival

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Photomontage (Project 2: Exercise 2)



Immediately after this introduction I discuss the four artists. My photomontage then follows, with the reflection at the foot of this post.

The artists

I found the work of the four artists mentioned in the exercise truly inspirational. I’ve included one example from each artist below:

Picture 086
Fig. 1. Heartfield, J.  Adolf, the Superman, Swallows Gold and Spouts Tin (1932)

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Notes for exercise 1

PART THREE – Visual communications

PROJECT 1 – Looking for visual communication


Points requiring consideration

  1. Persuasion

Self-explanatory really but it is worth remembering that this is both good and bad.

  1. Information

Think IKEA instructions!

  1. Identity design

Think branding

  1. Authorial content

Interesting quote from the course materials:

This content aims to entertain, satirise or educate, and is perhaps more closely aligned with other creative disciplines in which the artist has more control over the authorship of the work.

  1. Interactive design

Welcome to the 21st century and the web. And this is only the start!

  1. Alternative messages

Another interesting excerpt from the course materials.

Visual communication isn’t just about promoting commercial interests or conveying governmental advice through mass media. Visual communication is equally used as a subcultural and grassroots tool for protest, creating identities or creating alternative ways of communicating.