Time in relation to artwork (Project 2: Time and time-based media – Exercise 1)

Make notes on your own thoughts about time.

  • Have you thought about time in relation to artwork?

  • Have you already come across pieces that explore what time is? Write a little bit about these pieces in your learning log.

1. Thoughts about time

My thoughts could be crudely categorized under the following headings; personal, work and relativity.


My oldest child is 30 years old later this year and my wife and I are on the threshold of our 60s. I am, in fact both my wife and I are, acutely aware of the passing of time.

During the last six years both of my parents died. The last 6 or 7 months of my dad’s life were difficult due to the relatively sudden deterioration in his mental health. My mother, however, lived healthily up to and including her 91st birthday. The last six months of her life saw a rapid deterioration in her physical health.

This combination of my parents’ death and seeing my children age can’t help but act as a reminder about our mortality in general, and mine in particular! Time will, therefore, become a factor in my wife’s and my decision-making, if it hasn’t become so already.

It is worth noting that time loses its proportional value as we age. At 60 years old, one year is just a 60th of a life whereas at 30 years old it’s worth a thirtieth of your life. Is it any wonder that as we age we complain that time appears to speed up?

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