Notes from Art History: The Basics (Project 1: Arts and Ideas – Exercise 3)


  • Look at an excerpt from Art History: The Basics

  • Make notes on parts that require further research or jump out at you as particularly meaningful
  • Look up any words new to you and list them



Art History: The Basics


Read and better understand these phases/periods of art history:

  • Classical Revival of 18th C
  • Bauhaus
  • Modernism


  • Institutional Theory of Art


Particularly interesting comments/observations/quotes from Art History: The Basics

David Hensel:

the art world itself seems to be engaged in a cultural performance about our times, a parody about duplicity, marketing tactics, and acquiescence.

Presenting this work in public and watching the reactions has produced many fascinating insights into how the arts work, about the need for understanding the broader picture of the dynamics of culture, and particularly the need to study the history of propaganda and patronage, the pursuit of invisible influence, in parallel to the study of the history of art.

(Letter from David Hensel, 1 December 2006)