The last 24 hours (Project 1: Exercise 2)

The last 24 hours


  • Two blogs for this course


  • Jay-Z 4:44 (opening tracks)
  • Radio 4’s The Today Programme


  • The Week


  • Tim Minchin performing Storm (On YouTube)
  • Completed viewing Horizon’s Dawn of the Driverless Car. I had recorded this documentary about the development of driverless cars in general and the technology they use in particular
  • The film Nocturnal Animals

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Creative writing and new media (Project 1: Research point)

This just includes some notes (for my benefit and future reference) I took when reading Hazel Smith’s essay, Creative writing and new media.  I found two pieces of work (both of which had been referenced in the essay) extremely inaccessible. These are mentioned below.

Digital Writing

This extract sums up the incredible scale of what is going to be possible:


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The printing press (Project 1: The craft of writing – Exercise 1)

Prior to the digital revolution that is currently underway, the printing press was the means by which words achieved permanence. Although spoken words maintain continuity over time, the passing of those words from generation to generation inevitably leads to change and reinterpretation; be that accidental or intentional. In one sense, the printing press is analogous to pre-digital photography. Once a photo had been taken there was a negative which was, in theory, “the original” picture. Similarly, what was/is printed cannot be easily erased.

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