Character archetypes (Project 2: Exercise 2)

Here is my list before researching character archetypes:

Hero – Protagonist (P)

Villain – Antagonist (A)

Ally – on the side of P

Ally – on the side of A

The voice of reason – again could work for both P or A


Romantic interest – again with P or A

Mentor – as name implies

Victim – as name implies

The omniscient – understands what is going on, can see the wood for the trees (possibly the voice of reason?) – used in the authorial voice maybe?

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Story of your life (Project 2: Research point)

Story of your life by Ted Chiang 

(Project 2 – Research point; Aristotle’s Elements) 

Story of your life is one of a selection of short stories, all by Ted Chiang, collected under the title, Stories of your life and others. This particular short story was the basis for the science fiction film, Arrival.

In summary, the story is in the form of a note to the narrator’s daughter. It is an explanation of the events that led to the narrator meeting the man with whom she would become pregnant, and the life her daughter was going to lead.

The story centres around a meeting with aliens who visit the earth. Their language is complex and the writer, a linguist, is employed to assist in developing the means to translate their spoken and written language. The man she will meet is a member of the military, who are coordinating the contact with the aliens.

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The Stages of the Hero’s Journey (Project 2: Exercise 1)

The stages of the hero’s journey as applied to the film Shakespeare in Love

The stages are:

Act I (Beginning = the hero’s decision to act)

  1. Ordinary World
  2. Call to Adventure
  3. Refusal of the Call
  4. Meeting with the Mentor
  5. Crossing the First Threshold

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