Notes for exercise 1

PART THREE – Visual communications

PROJECT 1 – Looking for visual communication


Points requiring consideration

  1. Persuasion

Self-explanatory really but it is worth remembering that this is both good and bad.

  1. Information

Think IKEA instructions!

  1. Identity design

Think branding

  1. Authorial content

Interesting quote from the course materials:

This content aims to entertain, satirise or educate, and is perhaps more closely aligned with other creative disciplines in which the artist has more control over the authorship of the work.

  1. Interactive design

Welcome to the 21st century and the web. And this is only the start!

  1. Alternative messages

Another interesting excerpt from the course materials.

Visual communication isn’t just about promoting commercial interests or conveying governmental advice through mass media. Visual communication is equally used as a subcultural and grassroots tool for protest, creating identities or creating alternative ways of communicating.


Identifying visual communications (Project 1: Exercise 1)

Visual Comms – Purposes

  1. Persuasion
  2. Information
  3. Identity design
  4. Authorial content
  5. Interactive design
  6. Alternative messages

Exercise 1 – (i) Identify examples of the above, and (ii) how do these reference broader ideas of visual culture?


Fig. 1. Modern Nike advert
marlboro-ad new
Fig. 2. Iconic but older Marlboro advert

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